Best Dinosaur museum in America

Dinosaur Skull

The Dinosaurs are amongst the most prominent creatures from the past. There are numbers of places dedicated to them in the USA. The museums and parks preserve their details and educated the inquisitive ones about the same. Amongst the most noted are the Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado, Utah, then there is the Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Dinosaur World is in multi cities and can be visited in Plant City, Florida, Cave City, Kentucky or Glen Rose, Texas. Dinosaur State Park is home to the track sites of largest dinosaur and is in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania showcases how scientists work on the fossils. The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois has its very own crowd puller – the best-preserved skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex.

Best Dinosaur museum in America – Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument features on the list of country’s register of historic places. As the name suggests it is also a U.S. National Monument. It is located at the Moffat County at Utah. It is spread over a massive area of 210,844 acres. The Quarry Exhibit Hall is the key attraction here, the walls here have over 1,500 dinosaur bones belonging to diverse species like Stegosaurus, Diplodicus, Camarasaurus, Apatosaurus and the Allosaurus. Interestingly there are places where the visitors are allowed to touch the fossils that are over 140 million years old. During the summer days the Rangers help answer queries and offer talks on quarry and dinosaurs.

Dinosaur_National_MonumentHistory buffs and animal lovers visit USA for its collections of fossils amongst other things. In addition of course there are many places of interest. Every year millions travel from within the country and overseas for works and vacations. Foreign nationals from other countries need to apply for and obtain valid visas. For visiting and holidaying purposes tourist visas are appropriate. Citizens of eligible countries that come under Visa Waiver Program don’t need any visa they can simply get ESTA visa authorization and travel.

Other than being amazed by the fossils, the national monument offers great opportunities for star gazing and white-water rafting. It is like living it up in the lap of nature. Check out the mountains and canyons, click wildlife and wonderful wild flowers. For the historians the must check out places include Mantle’s Cave, then there is the Castle Park Archaeological District. Other popular sites are Denis Julien Inscription, Upper Wade and Curtis Cabin and the Rial Chew Ranch Complex.

There are numerous campgrounds available near the monument to choose from. These include Green River, Split Mountain, Rainbow Park, Echo Park, Deer lodge Park and Gates of Lodore. For appreciating the historic place hiking makes a great option. The landscape offers trails that have a desert like feel so water, hat and sunscreen are a must carry. Some of the better known trails here include Fossil Discovery, River, Sound of Silence, Box Canyon, Desert Voices, Hog Canyon, Harpers Corner Road Area, Cold Desert, Island Park, Jones Hole and the Ruple Point.


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